March 5, 2018

Clash Nights City Championships

Who's the King of your city? It could be YOU!

If you live in Los Angeles, San Francisco or Toronto, you will be able to participate in the upcoming Clash Nights City Championships! These will take place at local Clash Nights starting in March. Sign up now:

Next Los Angeles event RSVP
Next San Francisco event RSVP
Next Toronto event RSVP

It's free, it's fun and you could win cool prizes!

Win the City Championship final for bragging rights, and take home an iPhone X and a Golden P.E.K.K.A. statue!

And just for participating, one lucky player at each meetup will win 1,000 Gems!

How it works:

  • In March and April, RSVP and show up in person to a Clash Nights City Championships qualifier to participate in the 1v1 tournament. Find the qualifiers on the Meetups tab in-game.
  • Go to as many qualifiers as you like (there are up to 2/month per city). Only your highest score each month will count towards your city's leaderboard.
  • After April, the top 24 in each city automatically qualify for the City Championship Finals in early May!
  • Everyone is invited to every event, and anyone can win a prize just for participating. Follow links below to view details for your city.
  • The more people that show at an event, the more points you can win. Rules and leaderboards for your city here: Los Angeles, Toronto, San Francisco.

What is Clash Nights?

Check out OJ's video here to find out!

Clash Nights Beta is currently live in Canada, California, Finland, Hong Kong and the UK, however the City Championship is limited to the three cities above.

See you in the local Arena,
The Clash Nights Team