May 31, 2018

Clash Nights City Championships Season II

Announcing one final activity for Season II: California Regionals

As a special treat we have invited the top 5 players from the California Season II finals to an online tournament, to find out who is the king of The Golden State.

Tune in on Wednesday September 12 at 7pm PT to BBXH and Fullfrontage, who will be covering the action where City Champs Backstabx, GILGAMESH, StJtB, General NX and runners-up will battle it out online.


The Season II Finals have concluded - behold the new City Champions:

  • Orange County: Backstabx
  • Silicon Valley: General NX
  • London: Gabry
  • Helsinki: Tri minikieli
  • Toronto: Kyle
  • Los Angeles: GILGAMESH
  • San Francisco: StJtB

Head on over to instagram and twitter to celebrate these amazing players with us! 


Who’s the King of your city? It could be YOU!

City Championships are back... now with even more cities and prestige!

During the last few months, players from Los Angeles, San Francisco and Toronto fought bravely to become Kings of their city. Now expanding to London, Helsinki, Silicon Valley and Orange County: Clash Nights City Championships Season 2 is here!

Join the championships in-person at local Clash Nights - look for "City Championships" in the Meetups tab, in-game, next to News Royale. You can duel face-to-face at these fun, free events to win prizes. Clash Nights Beta and the Meetups tab are live in California, Canada, Hong Kong, Finland and the UK.

Win the City Championship and walk your city streets blinged-out with a City Champion Gold Medal around your neck, and not to mention 14,000 Gems!
Plus, at every event, one lucky winner will earn 1,000 Gems just for participating!

How it works

  • In June and July, sign up (then show up in-person!) to a Clash Nights City Championships Open qualifier to play the 1v1 tourney.
  • Attend up to two City Championships Open events! Only your highest score each month will count on the leaderboard for your city: Helsinki, London, Los Angeles, Orange County, San Francisco, Silicon Valley, Toronto
  • After July, the top 24 (16 in Helsinki) in each city automatically qualify for the City Championship Finals in August!
  • Everyone is invited to every event, and anyone can win a prize just for participating. Follow links below to view details for your city.
  • The more people that attend an event, the more points you can win. Rules and leaderboards for your city here: Helsinki, London, Los Angeles, Orange County, San Francisco, Silicon Valley, Toronto

What is Clash Nights?
Check out OJ’s video here!

Clash Nights Beta is currently live in Canada, California, Finland, Hong Kong and the UK.
See you in the local Arena! 
The Clash Nights Team