October 12, 2017

Supercell Community Event and Tournament Guidelines

Want to host an event and/or a tournament around Supercell games? We're here to help! Our goal is to help you to make your events and tournaments fun, fair and worry-free for everyone; we've drawn up these Community Event and Tournament Guidelines ("Guidelines") to make it easy as pie! Pie you make in the microwave!

In case you are planning to organise and host an in-game tournament with in-game items as rewards such as the Clash Royale Tournament Mode (a "Tournament") and/or an event that does NOT include competitions with in-game items as rewards, including any type of fan meetup or gathering (collectively, an "Event"), please observe the following:


  • Supercell Oy ("Supercell") is in charge of its games but the hosts are in charge of their Events and/or Tournaments. Therefore; You can't say that an Event and/or Tournament is "official" or suggest that Supercell is involved with, responsible for, or endorses your Event or Tournament or any prizes awarded.
  • As host, make sure your Event or Tournament is legal under applicable local laws and regulations.
  • To host or play in an Event or Tournament, you must to be old enough to compete or host per local regulations & requirements – it's the law.
  • You can record or stream your Event or Tournament on any online platform, but you cannot broadcast on TV.
  • In case you plan to take pictures or video at the Event or Tournament and to publish them, you need to inform the attendees that filming will be taking place and secure the relevant permissions from the attendees to utilise the filmed materials for its intended use and publication. PLEASE NOTE that you cannot broadcast any filmed materials on TV.
  • You can't charge people to view your Tournament, or Event stream(s).
  • Tournaments and Events should be fun and engaging; skill must determine the winners. Any types of match-fixing and/or similar shady activities are strictly forbidden!
  • You can use the Tournament/Event art and game logos we provide, but you can't modify them. Your use of Supercell trademarks, copyrights and logos is otherwise subject to the terms of Supercell's Fan Content Policy (
  • Your Tournament or Event can't promote other game companies, alcohol, tobacco, drugs, pornography, weapons, gambling, or companies or services that act contrary to Supercell's interests.
  • Supercell might promote your Tournament or Event, or use the results of your Tournament or Event to qualify players for official Supercell tournament events and marketing activities.
  • Supercell's Terms of Service (, Privacy Policy ( and Fan Content Policy ( apply to all Tournaments and Events.
  • We want Tournaments and Events to be fair and fun. We'll take appropriate action, including suspending or cancelling Tournaments and Events if need be.


  • All Tournaments must be free to enter – no exceptions!
  • You can only offer the permitted in-game items as rewards to participants – that means no cash, or merchandise rewards!


  • All Events must be free to enter – no exceptions! This includes things like membership fees or season passes. That said, if you host a live Event, you may charge entry fees from spectators for the venue itself, but not the competition.
  • You are responsible for providing all potential prizes for your Event. You cannot ask attendees to fund prizes. The maximum value of prizes (cash, merchandize etc…) is $10,000 USD.
  • Note: you can offer in-game items or cash / cash-equivalent, but not both.


  • If your Event or Tournament fits within these Guidelines, you don't need a license or other permission from Supercell. If it doesn't, please contact us at to see if we can work together.
  • Except for these requirements, setting up and running an Event or a Tournament is up to you! The competition format, rules and prizes are all up to you, as long as they meet these Guidelines!
  • You are solely responsible for ensuring that you comply with all applicable local laws and regulations. We do not take responsibility for any Event or Tournament and you must make this clear for anyone attending or otherwise being involved. Please make sure that you have informed the relevant authorities of the Event or Tournament and that you have sufficient permissions to organise it from authorities, venue owners and other involved parties.
  • You are solely responsible for any liability, costs or damages that may arise as part of your hosting and running an Event or Tournament or any failure to comply with these Guidelines or violations of laws. Supercell will not bear any such responsibility or obligations for your Event or Tournament or your activities in connection with the Event or Tournament.

Questions? Contact us at

Thanks, and have fun!

Note that these Guidelines are always evolving; they may amended at any time via an online post, so please check back here for updates!

N.B. Please refer to the original version on for the most up-to-date guidelines.