Feb 1, 2021

CRL 2021: How To Play

You have probably heard about the new Clash Royale League tournament format and the whopping pile of cash we’re giving out, and now you want a breakdown of what the CRL year will look like. If that’s the case, then you’ve come to the right place!

While you may have read our previous blog post, we wanted to provide more context about the tournament itself— so here we are. Make sure to check out our FAQ down below if this doesn’t quench your thirst for knowledge!


The 2021 Clash Royale League is split into eight (8) distinct Rounds, which began in January and will end in the month of September. Each of these eight (8) Rounds is split into three (3) stages: the Trophy Race (TR), the Monthly Qualifier (MQ), and the Monthly Final (MF).

How Does Each CRL “Round” Work?

Let's walk through the first Round of the CRL 2021 tournament: Round 1 begins with Trophy Race 1: Trophy Race 1 started on January 4th and will continue through January 31st. Upon completion of this first stage, the Top 1000 from the Global Leaderboard will enter the second stage: Monthly Qualifier 1. All Monthly Qualifiers will be played on the second weekend of the month following that Round’s Trophy Race, so Monthly Qualifier 1 will occur on February 13th - 14th. Upon completion of Monthly Qualifier 1, the top eight (8) players will be featured on broadcast in Monthly Final 1. All Monthly Finals are played exactly one week after that Round’s Monthly Qualifier, so Monthly Final 1 will be played on February 20th - 21st. Then Round 1 of CRL 2021 is complete! Even though all eight (8) Rounds are the same, it is important to note that subsequent Rounds will begin before the previous Rounds have completed. For example, Round 2 kicks off with Trophy Race 2 starting on February 1st and will run simultaneously with Monthly Qualifier 1 and Monthly Final 1!

How Do Points Work in CRL 2021?

The point system is used to create a leaderboard that tracks player progress and ranks players based on their performance throughout the year. Points are important because the top point earners at the end of the eight Rounds will be invited to compete at World Finals!

Each stage of the tournament allows players to earn points. The higher you place in each stage, the more points you earn. Points accumulate across these eight (8) Rounds and count towards players’ Competitive Leaderboard standing. At the end of eight (8) Rounds, we will determine the top twenty-four (24) points leaders and offer them an invitation to the 2021 Clash Royale World Finals. Players ranked twenty-fifth to fifty-sixth (25th - 56th) will have a chance to battle it out in the Last Chance Qualifier, facing off to secure the final eight (8) slots to the World Finals. Every Round counts, so shoot for your career-high every Trophy Race!

How to Participate

Every 2021 CRL Round begins with the Trophy Race: The Trophy Race is a competition held on the Global Leaderboard, or "Ladder.” All you'll have to do is open up the game and head into battle! This means that everyone can compete for a spot in the Monthly Qualifier stage.

Tournament Stages:

1. Trophy Race:

The first stage of each CRL Round is the Trophy Race. The Trophy Race is a monthly in-game Ladder Qualification where the Top 1000 players at the end of the stage will move forward to the Monthly Qualifier. The Trophy Race matches the in-game Season, so it’s easy to tell how much time you have to compete!

2. Monthly Qualifier:

Once you’ve placed in the Top 1000 at the end of the Trophy Race, you will enter the second stage of the competition, the Monthly Qualifier. The Monthly Qualifier is a two-day tournament where top players face off in the new Duel Format.

Registration for the Monthly Qualifier stage will take place outside of the game on a tournament platform. A tournament platform account is required. During registration, you will choose one of four (4) time slots on the first day to compete in a Swiss-style bracket. The second day of the Monthly Qualifier features eight (8), 4-Player Double Round Robin groups, with the top player from each group advancing to the Monthly Final.

While the Monthly Qualifiers will not be broadcast on the Clash Royale Esports Youtube channel, you’ll be able to tune-in and watch gameplay from the players themselves. Any player competing in the Monthly Qualifiers has the option to stream their gameplay via the platform of their choice. Make sure to go support the CRL community and watch Monthly Qualifier streams… you might just find your next favorite player!

3. Monthly Final:

Once you’ve beaten your competition and claimed a top spot in the Monthly Qualifier, you will advance to the third and final stage of the CRL Round: the Monthly Final. The Monthly Final features the top eight (8) players engaging in a 2-day Duel Format Double Elimination tournament to determine the CRL Round’s winner.

The Monthly Final for every Round will broadcast on the Clash Royale Esports YouTube channel. Monthly Final broadcasts will start at 2:00 PM GMT (Greenwich Mean Time). Make sure to check when the Monthly Finals will be played in YOUR region so you don’t miss the broadcasts!

CRL Round 1 Schedule

  • Trophy Race 1: January 4th - January 31st
  • Monthly Qualifier 1: February 13th - 14th
  • Monthly Final 1: February 20th - 21st

Last Chance Qualifier:

The Last Chance Qualifier is a single-elimination bracket to determine the final eight (8) players that will receive an invitation to the CRL 2021 World Finals. Players with a Competitive Leaderboard standing of twenty-fifth to fifty-sixth (25th to 56th) place will compete.

World Finals:

After all of your hard work throughout the eight (8) Rounds, it’s time to reap the rewards. The twenty-four (24) players with the most points on the Competitive Leaderboard, along with the eight (8) players from the LCQ, will be invited to participate in the 2021 CRL World Finals. With over $1,000,000 on the line, you’re not going to want to miss this!

Fair Play

Fair Play = Fun Play!

New and seasoned players alike are prepping for the CRL 2021 competition, and we want to ensure our virtual spaces are staying fair, respectful, and inclusive to all players. We ask that you look over the Supercell Fair Play Policy and Terms of Service. Whether it’s in a Tweet, in your DMs, or in-game, we want to make sure all CRL spaces are safe and fair for everyone.

We are dedicated to Fair Play in Clash Royale, and our esports are no exception.

All players in the Top 1000 will be subject to manual checks by our Fair Play team which can result in bans for players who break our Terms of Service.

What Does This Mean?

Our goal is to make these decisions fairly, so there are many factors that we take into consideration when deciding whether or not to ban an account. Here are a few key things to know:

  • If you have shared your account with anyone in the past two months (two in-game Seasons), we may suspend the account, which would disqualify it from current tournaments.
  • If you have obtained a significant amount of Gems from anywhere other than the official Clash Royale in-game Shop, your account may be banned.
  • If you have purchased your account from a 3rd party, your account is likely to be banned.
  • While we might extend the benefit of the doubt on first-time offenses, repeat offenses will lead to permanent disqualification from Clash Royale League and other Supercell esports.

Be a champion in the CRL community. Play fair and have fun!


What is the point distribution for each stage of the tournament?

  • Trophy Race:
    • Top 10: 40 points
    • Top 50: 25 points
    • Top 100: 20 points
    • Top 500: 5 points
    • Top 1000: 1 point
  • Monthly Qualifier:
    • 5 points per win
  • Monthly Final:
    • First Place: 100 points
    • Second Place: 70 points
    • Third and Fourth Place: 50 points
    • Fifth through Eighth Place: 35 points

Where can I find out more about the rules?

  • You can find a full overview of the rules in the official CRL 2021 Ruleset. Go check it out on our CRL Esports website under “How to Compete” → “Learn More.”

What happens if there’s a technical failure during the game?

  • Players are responsible for their own connection to the game and should resolve any problems they might encounter before a match starts. Connection or hardware problems that cause an inability to compete could lead to an automatic forfeiture.

Do the Fair Play Policy and Terms of Service apply to CRL?

  • We take competitive integrity very seriously. All players are subject to the Supercell Terms of Service and Fair Play Policy while competing in the CRL 2021 tournament.

We will be checking all accounts on the Global Leaderboard that place in the Top 1000. Here is a brief overview of what will be monitored:

  • Purchase Fraud: Any gems purchased from anywhere other than from Supercell.
  • Account Sharing: Accounts used by multiple people, who typically are attempting to gain an unfair advantage.
  • Bot Usage: Using a service or software to gain an unfair advantage by allowing “bots” to play for you.
  • Sold Accounts: Accounts sold and purchased by another player.
  • Win Trading: When one player trades a win with another player to gain an unfair advantage on the leaderboard.

If we determine that a Player has committed fraudulent activity, or broken any other rules of Clash Royale, we may assign penalties at our sole discretion.

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