Jul 31, 2020

What Do We Know So Far?

We recently revealed the next update coming to Clash Royale in August… CLAN WARS 2!

If you'd rather read your news than watch it, you can catch up on the latest news in this blog post.

Clan Wars 2 will see a complete overhaul of the current Clan Wars feature, alongside other Quality of Life updates and changes.

In this blog post, we will be going through some of the MAJOR CHANGES (some already revealed in the video) coming to Clash Royale when Clan Wars 2 releases!



Collection Day and War Day have been removed! They have been replaced with the brand new RIVER RACE.

Each Clan now has its own CLAN BOAT, which they will use to compete in the River Race. Clans will advance in the River Race by gaining FAME from RIVER TASKS.

Clans will find themselves pitted against the same Clans throughout an entire River Race, so you'll get to know your opponents very well! Clans can attack other Clan Boats as they progress down the River.

Clan Boats working their way through the River Race.


A Clan Wars 2 Season consists of several River Races, separated by WAR GATES.

The first Clan to reach a War Gate with the highest Fame will earn the biggest rewards. When the next River Race starts, you can continue on your journey.

After the River Races have been completed and all War Gates passed through, Clans enter the Clan War Colosseum to battle against other Clans for more rewards and glory in CLAN WAR LEAGUES.


With Collection Day being removed, players now use their own Card Collection to make 4 UNIQUE War Decks!

  • War Decks contain 32 total unique cards (You can’t have the same card in more than 1 War Deck)
  • War Decks are used to complete River Tasks
  • Once a War Deck has been used it is put on a global cooldown until it can be used again

War Decks use your own Card Collection card levels. Get ready to master 4 different decks and a variety of cards!


River Tasks earn Fame for your Clan and rewards for yourself.

The more Fame your Clan has, the faster your Clan Boat moves down the River, as your crew are inspired by their new fans and victories.

Each of the River Tasks below require War Decks to be interacted with:

  • Boat Battle
  • Duel
  • 1v1
  • Trainer
  • Boatyard

As Clan Wars 2 progresses and grows after its initial release, more River Tasks will be added.


  • Best of 3 gameplay
  • Gives the biggest rewards
  • Requires minimum of 3 War Decks to Duel

Duels require players to battle other players in a Best of 3 format (2 wins are needed to win the Duel) and use 4 unique Decks.

Duels are a great test of skill as the more battles you play, the more you will need to use your knowledge of your opponents decks and what cards they have or haven't used in order to beat them!

Two players enter. One player leaves!


Defeat Boat Defenses to damage the enemy Clan Boat!

  • Player vs Environment gameplay
  • Attack enemy Clan Boats and defend your own
  • Clan members set up Boat Defenses using their Card Collection
  • Stop other Clans from progressing by damaging their Clan Boat
  • Steal enemy Clan Fame and use it to boost your Clan's progress
  • Requires 1 War Deck to attack

You’re gonna need a bigger Clan Boat.


This familiar face (to Clash of Clans players!) will offer a daily selection of cards to Clans participating in the River Race. These will change throughout the week and will include Special Trades that you can't get anywhere else.

Clan Trading is not going anywhere!

The Trader will be an additional place where you can spend Trade Tokens to get the cards that you need.


As you progress through the River Race, you will earn more rewards for yourself and your Clan.

When each River Race is complete, rewards will be shared among your Clan (depending on if you've contributed or not).

This is similar to the old Clan Chest, with all Clan members contributing to a large reward that is shared throughout the Clan!


Clan Wars 2 will be released in August 2020.

Please note that the update will not drop at the same time that Season 14 starts (August 3rd). However, in Season 14 we will be providing you all with Challenges with rewards to prepare you for its release that month!

Stay tuned for more Clan Wars 2 videos and blog posts throughout August.