January 19, 2016

Clash Royale Q&A


It’s been great to see your passion and skill on full display in Clash Royale. We’ve been keeping a close eye on your feedback and want to address a few of the key themes popping up in the community.

What is up with Chest Timers? Why play when I can’t even get a new chest?

Chest timers are designed to make Clash Royale accessible to the widest range of players possible. If you want to play entirely for free, as most do, then you can play efficiently and keep a chest opening at all times without too much stress. It takes roughly 1 hour of playtime a day on average to have a chest opening at all times and collect all daily rewards. Ultimately, we wanted to respect people’s time - their life commitments, families, jobs, hobbies and so on.

We want to make a game that people will play for many years to come and felt that too rapid of a chest system might be a burden in the longer term. In addition, players interested in trophy pushing, or just experimenting with different cards, can still play as much as they want to! It’s up to you as a player and your individual goals.

Will everyones’ progress be reset to even the playing field?

We’ve seen a lot of questions asking if we’ll reset everyone’s progress in Clash Royale at some point. The answer to this is a definitive no. We realize that many players would like to see the game in their region, and on Android as well. We’ll just say that our goal is to always make our games available on both iOS and Android. However, we will not reset anyone’s progress in the game if we add other platforms or regions for Clash Royale.

Game Balance and OP troops

Balance in Clash Royale will be a constantly evolving thing and players should expect some balance changes every month. We’ve been playing Clash Royale for many, many months before the soft launch and know that tuning the game is going to be a constant work in progress! The balance of most cards should be quite good right now, even if some initially feel overpowered.

Remember, anything can be “overpowered” when in the right hands. We did our best to make it so that any card in your deck can feel powerful when used properly - even 1 Elixir Skeletons! It’s all part of the fun. As we make balance changes to the game, we’ll always try to communicate, clearly and in advance, about what those changes will be, and why we feel the need to make them.

We hope that addresses some of your initial questions and feedback on Clash Royale. We’ll continue to monitor your feedback and keep you posted on any changes coming in the future! Please let us know what you’d like us to talk about in future Q&As and we’ll try and address your topic.

See you in the Arena,

The Clash Royale Team