April 27, 2016

Consistency At The Top

When looking to improve the balance of Tournament Rules gameplay, we also took a look at max level gameplay and found some clear areas for improvement. In the next update we're going to bring a few changes that will make gameplay feel consistent from the Tournament Rules all the way to the very top.

Currently, max level gameplay doesn't accurately reflect how Tournament Rules gameplay feels, so we're addressing it with the following changes:

  • Legendary level cap: 5 (from 6)
  • Epic level cap: 8 (stays the same)
  • Rare level cap: 11 (from 10)
  • Common level cap: 13 (from 12)
  • King level cap: 13 (from 12)

These changes will ensure a consistent experience when playing either at the top or in a Friendly Battle under Tournament Rules. We consider Tournament Rules to be the basis for competitive Clash Royale play, and in the future we're going to support this more in-game.

In conjunction with the above we wanted bring a couple of other complementary changes:

Firstly, we're going to reduce the amount of Epic Cards it takes to upgrade from level 7 to level 8 - down to 200 cards, from 300 cards. You may be wondering what happens to players who already have level 8 epics or level 6 legendaries? Simple! When the update arrives, anyone with cards above the new caps will automatically receive Gem refunds for every card over the cap.

Secondly, Legendary Cards will occasionally appear in the Shop once you've reached the Legendary Arena! We know Legendary Cards can be quite hard to obtain, and even harder to upgrade, so this change will help more players get their hands on them.

Bonus info: We're also re-working the Gold cost of cards in the Shop to scale in a linear fashion (i.e. 20, 40, 60, 80) - and not exponentially as it currently does (i.e. 40, 56, 78, 109) - making them much more reasonably priced overall.

One final thing to note, and something we'd like to stress, is that we've always considered maxing out your cards to be a very long-term goal for most players - it's your long-term progression in Clash Royale. We're going to be emphasizing the importance of Tournament Rules in the future and that's where we see most players focusing their attention.

All of the changes above are coming with the next update - current ETA is early next month.

Please leave your thoughts and feedback on our forum post!

See you in the Arena,
The Clash Royale Team