April 5, 2018

Reddit Blind Deck Challenge!

Don't miss out on your chance to play with 8 decks created, and voted for, by our very own Clash Royale reddit community!

With over 4,000 decks submitted, 8 decks were voted worthy to represent /r/ClashRoyale/ in the Reddit Blind Deck Challenge (Apr 6-9). Check out the decks and their creators' guide on how to use them below (guides in EN only)!

"Dank Magical Ram" by u/Navini04 - copy it!

"Magic Double Prince" by u/Alpii69 -copy it!

"Magical Miner Poison" by u/Schmedricks27 - copy it!

"Mineroon" by ☆Andrés☆ ♡ ;) - copy it!

"Miner-Magic" by Osuka06 - copy it!

"Ghostly Bridge Spam" by u/Dylcal22 - copy it!

        • Defend well then counter push hard, read more!

"Woodland Warriors" by u/notsodevious - copy it!

"Balloon Parade" by u/RslimS - copy it!

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See you in the Arena,
The Clash Royale Team