Nov 22, 2021

The 20-Win Challenge is Coming!

The Toughest Challenge Returns!

The most beloved and skillful challenge is back to celebrate the upcoming Clash Royale League World Finals!

Do you have what it takes to win 20 games of Clash Royale with less than 3 losses?


The Challenge will kick off on Thursday and will last for 5 days:

  • Starts: 25th of November @ 09:00 UTC
  • Ends: 30th of November @ 09:00 UTC


Simply head to the Events tab!

  • Every player gets 3 free entries
  • 3 losses and you are out
  • You can re-enter the Challenge for 10 Gems
  • Pass Royale players get unlimited free entries to the 20-Win Challenge
  • Challenge progress will reset with each new entry (0 wins/0 losses)
  • You can win 1 Epic Chest, 1 Legendary King Chest, and up to 215k Gold!


If you reach 17 victories or more, you will unlock the CRL 20-Win Challenge 2021 badge! This will be displayed in your profile as eternal proof of your skill.

Get ready for the 20-Win Challenge, and don't miss out on the Clash Royale League World Finals from December 3rd to 5th!

Good luck with the Challenge, and see you in the Arena!

The Clash Royale Team