April 6, 2017

The Making of the Baby Dragon Plush

One of the more exciting parts of the Supercell Shop BETA launch was the chance to get these adorable stuffed Baby Dragon Plushes into your hands!

There was something about the Baby Dragon that just screamed "plush." Something in that lolling tongue, doe-like eyes, stubby wings, and ridiculous amount of slobber simply said "pick me."

While the choice was easy, the process to create the Baby Dragon Plush was definitely not! Constructing a plush turns out to be quite a difficult process, and one of the most difficult things to get right is the teeth.

Not only did we want the Plush to feel like it authentically portrayed the character, but the quality had to be there as well. We found ourselves constantly looking for alternatives and adjustments in prototype after prototype. It couldn’t just be cute, it had to feel like it flew right out of the game.

We're proud to present the Baby Dragon Plush and if one does fly into your shopping cart, we hope you'll take the necessary precautions to avoid any fire or slobber accidents at home!