December 14, 2016

Update Sneak Peeks!

Coming in the next update...

SNEAK PEEK #1 - New Arena!

  • Jungle Arena: Unlocks at 2600 Trophies (coming on Jan 13)
  • Videos: Check out some Jungle Arena gameplay!
  • Bonus info: There's a fresh new look coming to the inbox (called: "News Royale")

SNEAK PEEK #2 - Four New Cards!

SNEAK PEEK #3 - More Epicness!

  • Epic Sunday: Request and donate Epic Cards every Sunday
  • Shop Epics: Half price! Starting at 1,000 Gold (from 2,000 Gold)
  • Epic Chests: Give more cards and scale with your current Arena
  • Videos: Check out the epicness!

SNEAK PEEK #4 - New Clan Chest!

  • Event starts on Dec 19 and lasts one week
  • Collect Crowns with your Clan to unlock the Clan Chest
  • Videos: Find out more!

SNEAK PEEK #5 - New Special Event Challenge!