March 12, 2017

Update Sneak Peeks!

Coming in the next update...

SNEAK PEEK #1 - New Game Mode: Clan Battle!

  • Battle side-by-side with a Clanmate against two challengers from another Clan!
  • The first Clan Battle event is coming on Mar 24
  • Find out more about Clan Battles in the latest episode of Radio Royale
  • Check out some gameplay here!

SNEAK PEEK #2 - Four New Cards!
  • New Legendary Card: Bandit is available on Mar 24
  • A special Bandit Draft Challenge is coming on Mar 17
  • Night Witch, Bats and Heal are coming later - keep an eye out!
  • Watch the Bandit dash!

SNEAK PEEK #3 - New Arena!
  • Arena 11: NEW Legendary Arena unlocks at 3800 Trophies
  • Arena 10: Hog Mountain (renamed from Legendary Arena)
  • Legendary Cards will still appear in your Shop at 3000 Trophies
  • Take a peek at the beautiful new Arena!

SNEAK PEEK #4 - Leagues!
  • Enter the first League at 4000 Trophies
  • Climb through 9 Leagues all the way to the Ultimate Champion League!
  • Collect a monthly season reward based on the highest League you reached
League Reward: