Release Notes

April 1, 2016

New Balance Live! (4/1)

Normally we like to give you fair warning about upcoming balance changes, so you have time to digest and discuss what's coming, as well as adapt your decks and card upgrade choices accordingly.

However, these changes are so pressing that we just had to push them live today!

Tombstone: Name changed to Giant Tombstone, spawns Giant Skeletons

  • We felt like Clash Royale was missing one key ingredient for bigger success: A bigger Tombstone. We scaled up the art and loved what we saw! But, it was still missing something: Bigger Skeletons... Giant Skeletons! Nailed it.

Mortar: Now shoots Goblin Barrels

  • Goblin Barrel's use rate is quite low at the top and we've really missed watching it soar majestically across the Arena in TV Royale. Our first thought was to give it some subtle and well-thought-out buffs, but then we were like, "Heck, we can do better... Let's just load up the Mortar with Goblin Barrels!?" Now we're seeing them all over the show, and it's magical in the Arena once again.

X-Bow: Targets EVERYTHING (including your own troops, towers and king)

  • X-Bow too stronk.

Please leave your thoughts and feedback on our forum post!

See you in the Arena,
The Clash Royale Team