Release Notes

Jan 7, 2020

Season 7 Balance Changes!

These changes are now live!

Season 7 balance changes take a look at some of the most dominant cards from the recent meta (Night Witch & Elixir Golem) as well as Fisherman and Lava Hound!


  • Initial Bat Spawn Speed reduced: 1.3s -> 3.5s
  • Slower First Hit: -17% speed


Since receiving a higher Death Spawn count in October (2 bats > 4 bats), Night Witch has consistently been among the highest use/win rate Troops in the game, peaking this month at the #3 most played card with a 57% win rate.


Night Witch is often used as 'good enough' defense against incoming Troops like Hog Rider, then a tank is placed in front. Like her (regular) Witch sister, we like Witches to get better over time at the expense of starting off weaker. We are going to make her first Bat spawn half of her full spawn time (7 seconds / 2 = 3.5 seconds) so she cannot provide so much upfront damage, along with a minor First Hit delay.


  • Hook Range Increased: 6 -> 7
  • Hook Charge Time increased: 1.1s -> 1.5s


A few months back, several cards dominated the meta and got nerfed all at once. Fisherman was one of those cards and in the months since its obvious he wasn’t that strong. The range reduction plummeted him to the bottom of use rate charts.


Fisherman can provide welcome counterplay to tough defenders that don’t die to Spells, so we are returning his range to allow more consistent pulling tricks to the Arena. In exchange, his windup time will match his hit speed, making him pull targets slower and not impact so many Troops so quickly.


  • Hitpoints: -6% (all forms - Golem, Golemite, Blob)


Elixir Golem forms the core of a variety of powerful decks, often centered around dropping it along with Night Witch, Battle Healer, Sparky, and more at the bridge. The high Hitpoints provides exceptional blocking for support troops, allowing players to repeatedly spam attacks.


By reducing the Elixir Golem’s Hitpoints, it will be easier to dispatch and won’t provide as much of a Damage shield for support troops. Paired with a nerf to Night Witch, this popular archetype should not be so oppressive. Elixir Golem should excel at being a punishing tank against weak defenses, not being able to brute force through strong defenses for unblockable Damage.


  • Range increased: 2 -> 3.5

Lava Pups

  • Damage: +67%
  • Hit Speed: -70%
  • Melee Range: Long (Range reduced 2 > 1.6)


Since the revert to Executioner, Lava Hound has retaken its place as one of the strongest Win Conditions in the game, sitting right above the 56% win rate line consistently. The problem is that heavy Air decks feel very binary, you either have the tools to defeat all the Air troops or your Ground-heavy deck completely folds.

We want to reduce the overall power of Lava Hound while also letting LH players get something back from this trade off. This was also a great opportunity to make Lava Hound, one of the oldest Legendary Cards, to be updated with modern stats similar to other tough flying units.


Lava Pups were the only remaining Troop that did not one-hit Skeletons or Bats. This damage increase allows them to clean up the smallest Troops in the game while keeping their damage output roughly the same.

In exchange, Lava Hound is getting a longer range and Pups a shorter range. This means the Pups will need to travel a bit further in order to hit the tower. This requires Lava Hound players to set up their deployments a little better, as the Pups won’t instantly be swarming a tower.