Release Notes

Feb 3, 2020

Season 8 Balance Changes

A new Season brings new balance changes This Season we take a look at the infamous ZAPPIES, a card that has been the center of balance discussion within the community since they entered the Arena!


  • Damage: +20%
  • Hit Speed: 1.6s -> 2.0s (25% slower)
  • Faster ‘First Attack’ on target: 1.4sec -> 1sec
  • Staggered Deploy Time: 0.15sec


Zappies is a tough design to balance – while they are fragile and low damage, they had the ability to 'stun-lock' enemies unless they could be dealt with.

We want you to be able to play your cards, so having other cards easily shut down interactions is a no-no. When Zappies were competitively viable before, the meta became overly defensive and difficult to break through.


Ultimately, the stun-locking is the biggest problem with Zappies so it made the most sense to reduce its effectiveness. By reducing the hit speed (but increasing the damage), Zappies remain about the same Damage Per Second, but won’t disable enemies permanently. In exchange, Zappies get a faster first attack, enabling them to block charging Princes and other fast-moving targets before they close the gap.


  • Building Lifetime: Reduced 60sec > 50s
  • Spawn Time: Reduced 13.5s -> 12.5s
  • Now spawns 2 Barbarians when destroyed


Since Barbarians were reworked, each individual Barbarian is weaker than before. This led Barbarian Hut to be much lower value for the cost, so we wanted ways to make Barbarian Hut worth the big investment, without making it an overly powerful defensive building.


Despite the reduced lifetime, Barbarian Hut will spawn the same number of total Barbarians (10). The last wave will come when the building is destroyed, making the Hut a bit more spell-resistant and consistent against Giants and Golems. The slightly faster spawns will allow waves to build up, making Barb Hut better at creating offensive meat shields to tie up enemy towers.


  • Damage: +6%


Royal Hogs haven’t found their place in the meta. On ladder, they struggle against Wizards and Valkyries. In Challenges, they bump into Mega Knights and Bomb Tower. Overall, they didn’t usually provide a good reward for the cost/risk.


A simple Damage increase is appropriate here – we want to raise the ‘reward’ half of the risk/reward trade off to make Royal Hogs a bit more threatening in the face of so many effective defenses.


  • Faster ‘First Attack’ on target: 1.0sec -> 0.7sec


A few months back, we nerfed several very powerful cards. Among them were Witch, where we reduced her first attack and spawning speed. In combination, this was a bit too much. Witch struggles to get off attacks with a long charge-up time, often getting stuck on Skeleton Army or other fragile troops.


We are increasing her first attack time, allowing Witch to provide the ranged support she is meant to.